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Av. Nueva Providencia 1881, OFICINA 1201 Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Chile.



Luxury crossover with maximum comfort

A complete experience. The Chevrolet Traverse crossover means excellence, comfort and luxury. Whether you are alone or in family, you will feel the pleasure of driving with Montecarlo Rent A Car. Especially because in our repair shops we do every day all the maintenance and repairing to make sure our vehicles are safe. (The number of passengers and the baggage space vary according to the combination you chose).

$ 79.990.- / 133 USD

Automatic /

Air conditioning

8 Passengers /

5 Passengers

2 Large suitcases + 2 small /

7 Large suitcases + 3 small

will take you wherever you want

Japanese versatility on board the SUBARU FORESTER AWD. Live the comfort, safety and good drive at the city and off road. This Nipon SUV certeinly will surprise you.

$ 45.990.-  / 79 USD

Automatic /

Air conditioning

5 Passengers

3 Large suitcases / 2 small


One of the favorite crossovers of the season

The SUV Nissan QASHQAI offers an excellent sports line and great commodity due to its unique spaciousness. The outside and inside design are exceptional, to the point each customer that tries it assures that he or she will use it again. And you will feel confident knowing that you are driving a vehicle with low fuel consumption and daily maintenance.

$ 55.990.- / 91 USD

Mecanic / 

Air conditioning

5 Passengers

2 Large suitcases + 2 small


Su seguridad en la ruta, nuestra tranquilidad en la oficina. Todos nuestros autos cuentan con mantenimiento al día.

The perfect car in the city or in the neighborhood.

Many customers expressed their satisfaction about their trips in the city and in the vicinity. The Suzuki Celerio is a very comfortable vehicle for an easy trip, and you will also appreciate its low fuel consumption. 

$ 25.990.- / 43 USD

Mecanic / 

Air conditioning

5 Passengers

1 Large suitcases

The best quality for an incredible car

The Toyota Yaris is a Japanese car that will impress you with its spaciousness, comfort and great performances on the road. It is elegant and secure, and it will follow you in all the trips you have in mind. With its 1.5 powerful engine and its low fuel consumption, it is the perfect option for all kinds of trips.

$ 29.990.- / 49 USD


5 Passengers

2 Large suitcases + 3 small

Comfortable and Powerful

When you’re thinking of a high-energy ride, jump right into our Caliber. Among the excellent cars we have, the Doge Caliber has a robust, comfortable design and enough power to meet your expectations. Choose it, you will definitely be surprised.

$55.990.- / 91 USD


5 Pasajeros

03 Maletas grandes / 2  Maletas pequeñas

The Toyota Rav4 takes you to the moon

Toda una experiencia. La camioneta Toyota Rav4 tiene la capacidad que tu viaje requiere. Ya sea en compañía o solitario, este ejemplar te llevará a los mejores viajes de tu vida. El espacio que necesitas, la fuerza que requiere tu viaje, el confort durante la ruta, todo esto y más lo tienes con la Toyota Rav4.

$ 55.990.- / 91 USD

Automatic /

Air conditioning

5 Passengers

5 Large suitcases + 3 small

An amazing city car

The Suzuki Alto is a practical car. Perfect for your trips inside the city and journeys outside, with low fuel consumption and a superior performance compared with other vehicles of the same size. No doubt that the Suzuki Alto is a city car that will amaze you!

$ 25.990.- / 43 USD


5 Passengers

5 Small suitcases

Our German: convenient and comfortable

The Volkswagen Bora is the German of Montecarlo Rent A Car, with unique performances, sport line and the comfort you have always looked for. With lots of space inside and a sunroof, it will make your road adventure unique. This is the ideal vehicle for unforgettable trips in and out of the city.

$ 39.990.- / 70 USD

Automatic /

Air conditioning

5 Passengers

3 Large suitcases + 3 small

Practical and comfortable

Since we integrated this great city car into the Montecarlo Rent a Car Family, we have received good references from those who have already driven it. Looking for a practical and hassle-free trip? Surely our Chery QQ will make your experience unforgettable. Call us, rent it and see for yourself.

$ 33.990.- / 55 USD

Mecánic /

Air conditioning

5 Passengers

2 small suitcases

Montecarlo Gives You More!

A Better Experience With More Options

We do the Check in and Check out at your home or at your hotel

$ 7.000.- / 12 USD  each

We also do the Check in and Check out at the airport.

$ 15.000.- / 25 USD each

To drive with peace of mind, take a full insurance.

$ 10.000.- / 17 USD per day

Get to your favorite destination without mishaps adding our Garmin GPS.

$ 13.000.- / 21 USD per day

Take with you our snow chains and enjoy the Andes Mountain range in winter.

$ 13.000.- / 21 USD  per day

Relax and let your copilot drive if you feel tired on the road, to make sure you reach your destination safely.

$ 5.000.- / 9 USD per day

To make sure the little treasures travel cozily and safely, add a child seat.

$ 5.000.- / 9 USD per day






$ 30.000.- / 40 USD 

$ 35.000.- / 47 USD 

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Frequent Questions

We want to help you for your next car rental.

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Transfer from a Chilean bank account.
  • Cash in USD, Euros and Reales for our users from abroad.
  • Two-days (2) minimum rental.
  • ID card or passport.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Deposit of 300.000 pesos as a guarantee.
  • Credit the total amount of the rental and the guarantee at the Check in.
  • Take care of the vehicle and drive carefully.

  • Absolute satisfaction and a unique experience.
  • Your own car at your disposal to live new adventures.
  • Professional and personalized attention.
  • Check in and Check out at our office.
  • Unlimited mileage.
  • Tag within Santiago.
  • VAT – Tax.

Yes. In Montecarlo Rent A Car you can rent a car without necessarily owning a credit card.

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